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Welcome to the Civil Justice Blog.  The blog highlights current Maryland and/or federal law dealing with such topics as foreclosures, consumer rights, auto-fraud, and other related public interest issues.

The Tom Brady Case Shows the Unfairness of Forced Arbitration

By Civil Justice on Thursday, April 28, 2016
Even if you are Tom Brady, and even if you and your team of some of the best lawyers in America already convinced a federal district court judge that the arbitration conducted by your employer was extremely unfair, you still cannot overcome the massive hurdle necessary to convince a court to overrule a flawed arbitration ruling. Read More » Comments (0)

Forced Arbitration

By Civil Justice Network on 1/14/2015 2:40 PM
Forced arbitration is a term for a contract provision (almost always buried in the fine print) that requires that disputes between the parties be resolved by an “arbitrator,” rather than courts and juries.   Their decisions are binding on the parties and are almost entirely unchallengeable, meaning that even if you can show that the arbitrator clearly made the wrong decision, no one can do anything about it.  In contrast, if a judge makes a mistake at trial, a party can appeal the outcome of the trial to a higher court.  The “forced” part of “forced arbitration” comes from the fact that companies include arbitration provisions in their contracts with consumers, buried in the fine print, that require the consumers to agree to arbitrate a wide variety of issues that may come up in the future between the consumer and the company.   Read More » Comments (0)
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