Landlord Shutting Off Power, Heat or Water

You may have a case if you live in Maryland you may have a case if you are living in a rented home or apartment and:

    - Your landlord shut off your power or cut off your BGE.

    - Your landlord shut off your heat in the winter or cold.

    - Your landlord turned off water to your home.  

Maryland law provides that a landlord cannot purposefully interfere with utilities for purposes of causing a tenant to leave a property or to punish a tenant for not paying on time.  Please note that this has to be intentional by the landlord – if some natural cause, like downed power-lines, caused the interruption, the landlord is rarely liable for the interrupted service unless the landlord is actively delaying repair.  

If this has occurred to you for anything more than a few days, you should carefully write down the dates of the interrupted service, gather any communications from the landlord, and call Civil Justice, free of charge, at (410) 706-0174 or fill out our online intake form here.  The more evidence that you have that the landlord intentionally cut off the service, such as texts from the landlord, the more likely it will be that you will be able to get a legal help through Civil Justice.

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