Landlord Suing For Too Much Money

Is your former Landlord suing you in Maryland District Court or Maryland Small Claims Court for damages that you did not cause to your apartment or home?  You may be able to get representation through Civil Justice’s Economic Justice Project.  Some aggressive Maryland landlords will sue their former tenants for excessive damages, asking for inflated amounts of damages compared to the actual damages, if any, incurred by the landlord to fix the items.  

The Maryland Consumer Debt Collection Act can frequently be raised when Maryland landlords sue for amounts they are not entitled to.  If you are being sued and believe you are being overcharged for damages, you should gather copies of the Complaint filed against you by the landlord, as well as a copy of the lease and any pictures or other evidence you have that helps dispute the landlord’s claims.  Then call Civil Justice at (410) 706 0174 or fill out our online intake form here, free of charge, as soon as possible.  The sooner you call after being served, the more likely Civil Justice will be able to find an attorney to represent you.  There are important and short deadlines that start after you are served and expire before trial, so contact Civil Justice immediately.

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