Limited Scope Project

Many low and moderate income individuals need assistance with legal problems but are unable to find an attorney that they can afford.  Limited scope (or “unbundled”) legal services, where a client hires an attorney for discrete tasks, can play an important role in addressing the justice gap. We at Civil Justice believe that promoting limited scope practice in Maryland will increase access to justice and provide guidance on critical areas of cases to those who cannot afford full representation.  

In 2017, the Maryland Judiciary’s Access to Justice Department funded a Civil Justice program to promote limited scope representation in Maryland.  The Program trains private attorneys on how to use new rule changes regarding limited scope representation to provide affordable and valuable representation to clients who cannot afford full representation, as well as educate potential referral sources on limited scope as an option for appropriate cases.  

There are numerous areas where a limited scope representation may be appropriate for an attorney and helpful to a client, but Civil Justice’s Limited Scope Project focuses on certain tried and true areas of repeated need where limited scope representation has proven to be helpful to clients and available from Maryland lawyers.  Those areas are as follows:

Family Law – 
- Obtaining a mutual consent divorce
- Drafting a marital separation agreement
- Preparing a petition to modify child support
- Preparing a complaint for visitation
- Litigation coaching

Consumer Law
- Evaluation of potential defenses to consumer collection lawsuit
- Assistance responding to or serving district court interrogatories

You can click on each area to see the details of how our program works in that context.  

Click here for a rate card of services available through our Limited Scope project.

If you are interested in reading more about limited scope in general, please click here.


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