Legal Help if you are Sued by a Debt Collector

Civil Justice may be able to help you if you are being sued by a debt collector, such as a lawsuit on old credit card debt, a car loan, or by a former landlord.  Companies like Credit Acceptance Corp, Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Lendmark Financial Services, Apartment Services, Mid-Atlantic Realty, Discover and Capital One are some of the most active companies suing consumers in Maryland, although there are smaller companies as well.  Companies that regularly sue consumers can sometimes have incorrect information or follow incorrect procedures, which may allow the person being sued to win.  Further, collections can be expensive, and these companies are sometimes willing to accept less than the full amount they are suing you for on a payment plan, even if there are no violations of law.

Accordingly, legal representation can be extremely helpful in resolving lawsuits filed by debt collectors.  But full legal representation can be expensive, especially by lawyers who don’t have experience defending consumer debt collection cases.  Civil Justice is a non-profit organization designed to increase access to justice and legal representation by supporting a network of solo and small firm lawyers who try to provide affordable representation to members of the public.  As part of our mission, we maintain a panel of attorneys who are experienced defending against cases brought by consumer debt collection companies.  Moreover, these attorneys are generally willing to provide “limited scope representation,” meaning legal advice for some aspect of the case without agreeing to represent you for the full case.  To learn more about limited scope representation, click here.  

If you have just been served with a lawsuit and a judgment has not yet been entered against you, Civil Justice members typically charge between $100.00 and $150.00 to review the lawsuit filed against you, discuss your situation, and let you know whether you may have defenses or claims to bring against the consumer debt collection company that is suing you.  In appropriate cases, the attorneys may charge more to negotiate a settlement, or perhaps even provide full representation under the right circumstances.  To be referred to a Civil Justice member who can help, please fill out this online intake form or call us at (410) 706-0174.  


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