Maryland Marital Settlement Agreement

When you and your spouse seek an “uncontested” divorce in Maryland, it means that you both have come to agreement on all the major issues involved in your divorce.  In other words, you both agree to the divorce itself, as well as to property division, child custody/support and alimony matters.  Once this agreement is reached, you will want to have it put in a formal writing called a Marital Settlement Agreement, also sometimes called a Marital Separation Agreement.  

If you are representing yourself in your uncontested divorce and need help preparing a Marital Settlement Agreement or need assistance understanding the meaning of such an agreement that has been presented to you, Civil Justice’s Limited Scope Project may be a good fit for you.  When an attorney agrees to provide you with limited scope representation, it means that the attorney will do certain things for you, but will not take on all of the responsibility for your case.  Civil Justice has a group of private Maryland attorneys who can provide limited scope assistance with drafting or reviewing a Marital Settlement Agreement, without the need to charge you for representing you all the way through the litigation.  The cost of preparing a Marital Settlement Agreement is typically between $400.00 and $800.00.  If you are interested in these services, please fill out our online intake form here, or call us at 410 706-0174.   


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