Student Loan Project

Civil Justice’s Student Loan Project provides free legal representation, advice, and consultations to low-income borrowers in Baltimore who are facing problems related to a student loan. 

For Maryland residents outside of Baltimore, Civil Justice can provide referrals to Civil Justice Network attorneys and other organizations that may be able to assist. 

What problems does Civil Justice’s Student Loan Project help with?

We help with a range of student loan issues. For many student loan issues, your rights and options vary depending on what type of loan you have. If you’re not sure what type of loan you have, click here for a helpful guide by National Consumer Law Center.

Cases Civil Justice handles include:

  • Forced collection actions, such as wage garnishments and federal-benefit offsets.
  • Administrative discharges of federal student loans. (This is a remedy available to borrowers in limited circumstances, for example, if the borrower has a serious disability, or if there were certain serious problems with the school the borrower attended.)
  • Disputes with lenders and loan servicers.
  • Default or delinquency on federal student loans.
  • Counseling on repayment options.
  • Other issues.

How do I get help?

If you are a student loan borrower in need of help, contact our intake department at (410) 706-0174. If you prefer, you may complete an intake form and a Civil Justice staff member will contact you.

For more information on Civil Justice's student loan initiative, please email  

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